CentOS 7 安装配置 Wagtail-CMS内容管理系统




  • A fast, attractive interface for authors and editors
  • Complete control over design with standard Django templates
  • Configure content types through standard Django models
  • Fast out of the box. Cache-friendly if you need it
  • Tightly integrated search
  • Strong document and image management
  • Wide support for embedded content
  • Straightforward integration with existing Django apps
  • Simple, configurable permissions
  • Workflow support
  • An extensible form builder
  • Multi-site and multi-language support
  • Optional static site generation
  • Excellent test coverage

本帖记录在CentOS 7上安装配置Wagtail步骤,使用Nginx+uWSGI。 继续阅读CentOS 7 安装配置 Wagtail-CMS内容管理系统